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Since early last year when I last revisited my list of incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces based in NYC, the options have literally exploded.Because of the vastly expanded number of facilities, I have instead posted a new listing instead of updating the old listing. What is certain is that entrepreneurs in NYC are very well served with plentiful and affordable office space and resources for starting any type of venture whether in arts, food, healthcare, or tech.


You might be wondering about the inclusion of “accelerators” in this new posting.There are some nuances between accelerators and incubators.However it is more of an academic debate when it comes to helping entrepreneurs.Many of these programs are becoming a hybrid of the two or taking another direction altogether, so they are listed together without distinction.

What has not changed is the separate listing of coworking spaces.These locations provide convenient and affordable office or desk space while fostering a supportive and collaborative community for startups and independent workers.There are many of these spaces opening every month, so check out the Coworking NYC wiki page or a number of co-working sites (DesktimeSharedesk, PivotDesk and Deskwanted are just a few options) which provides a full listing of great coworking spaces.

So without further ado, here is the Official NYC Accelerators, Incubators, Coworking 2.0 List:

Arts & Performance


Education Tech

Enterprise Tech

Fashion & Design




HR Tech

New York State/New York City Associated:

Technology (General)

Urban Tech & Clean Tech

Workspaces – not incubators or accelerators, but share similar elements

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