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Here is the list of restaurants on this year’s dumpling tour and a chance to taste the best of what NYC has to offer when it comes to Chinese dumplings!  My friend Matt Shampine put together a great tour last year, so we are going to check out some old favorites and try out a few new places.

Two notes…first, we are only exploring Manhattan’s Chinatown, though we certainly want to try Brooklyn and Flushing later this year.  Second, we are not stopping at Shanghainese places on the tour because soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao ) rightly deserve their own tour.  For this tour, we are focused on fried (guotie 鍋貼), boiled (shuijiao 水餃) and steamed (zhengjiao 蒸餃) dumplings (and maybe fit in some tasty noodles and snacks along the way).

Come join in the fun.  If you can’t join us at 7 PM tonight starting at Tasty Dumpling House, follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #NYCDumpling to find out where we are along the tour.

1.           Tasty Dumpling House – 54 Mulberry Street (near Bayard)

·        Last year’s #2 rated restaurant

2.           Fried Dumpling House – 106 Mosco Street (near Mulberry)

·        Last year’s #7 rated restaurant

3.           Tasty Hand-pulled Noodles – 1 Doyers St (near Bowery)

·        New restaurant

4.           C & L Dumpling House – 77 Chrystie Street (near Hester)

·        New restaurant

5.           Prosperity Dumpling House – 46 Eldridge Street (near Hester)

·        Last year’s #1 rated restaurant

6.           Super Taste – 26 Eldridge Street (near Canal)

·        New restaurant

7.           Yi Ding Hao Dumpling – 143 Division Street (near Canal)

·        New restaurant

8.           Dumpling Restaurant – 99 Allen Street (near Delancey)

·        New restaurant

9.           Vanessa’s Dumplings (Dumpling House) – 118 Eldridge Street (near Broome)

·        Last year’s #3 rated restaurant

10.         Good Dumpling House – 214-216 Grand Street (near Elizabeth)

·        New restaurant

11.         Excellent Dumpling House – 111 Lafayette Street (near Canal)

·        Last year’s #4 rated restaurant

Extra Credit (if we are not falling over from dumpling coma)

China North Dumpling – 27A Essex Street (near Hester)

·        Last year’s #8 rated restaurant

Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle & Dumpling – 144 E Broadway (near Pike)

·        Last year’s #5 rated restaurant

Sweet Spring Restaurant – 25 Catherine Street (near Henry)

·        New restaurant