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Earlier this year I got to meet the a16z team and observe the operation directly. There are over 60 people at the firm. Only six people do traditional VC activities: investing, joining boards, and helping out. The rest are exclusively focused on helping entrepreneurs.

a16z" by Chris Dixon

Venture capital firms do not really invest in startups.  Sure they are great vehicles for funding, but the level of investment usually stops there.  Funding certainly helps, but early stage startups need much more than money to succeed.  They need people and expertise and exposure and networks that can get them into the right opportunities.  That is what is so impressive with a16z, they are fully invested in the success of their portfolio companies.  They are not merely offering cash and fatuous promises of assistance, but actual roll-up-your-sleeves type of work.  That should be the model of a model VC firm, one committed to helping entrepreneurs.

Congrats to Chris and while we will miss his presence here in NYC, he is going to have worlds of success ahead of him.  I suspect we will be seeing quite a bit more of Chris than we expect despite his move to California.

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