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SATURDAY EVENING JAZZ: Search for Peace by McCoy Tyner - Had to skip the brunch today, I had another epic dumpling tour to lead today.  However, putting on some jazz at the end of the day is not a bad way to wind down from the busyness of earlier.  In this regard, the distinctive piano stylings of McCoy Tyner is not a bad choice when one is looking to kick back and chill.

The Real McCoy was not the first album with McCoy as band leader, but it was the first on Blue Note and the first where his incredible talent meets his innate creativity as a composer.  This was truly his coming out party after departing John Coltrane’s epic 60’s quartet over artistic direction.  With Coltrane band mate Elvin Jones on drums, Joe Henderson on sax, and Ron Carter on bass, this is a monster lineup that shines on every track.  The ballad Search for Peace is a highlight for its haunting beauty and melancholy yearning accentuated by McCoy’s stellar attack.

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