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Take the Dogs for a Self-Driving Drive…

Being down here in South Carolina to visit family for a long weekend is great. Having the dogs jump on me every five seconds to go for a walk is not so great.  I think I have my solution right here.

"I violated my company’s brand guidelines."

That’s the true brand cuffs right there…LOL.

Man Honestly Thinks He’s Going To Get To Bed Early - pretty much me every single day…(via theonion)

Don’t make me open this…
Kind of how I am feeling this Friday afternoon.

Don’t make me open this…

Kind of how I am feeling this Friday afternoon.

There are many thoughts, essays, books,conferences and the like out there about how one can create a unicorn-like startup that takes the world by storm and changes the very foundations of humanity and how people relate to the world around them.  But much of the advice that is dispensed is often times contradictory or obtuse.  Can one even come up with a standard playbook as to how intrepid entrepreneurs can go about starting such impressively large and incredibly innovative companies?

We believe so.  After careful analysis over many months studying 100+ billion dollar technology companies started over the past 25 years, we at WeBirch Labs have distilled the most proven, most straight-forward sure fire path to creating your own massively disruptive, world-changing company.

  1. Pull together a super talented team.
  2. Build an awesome product.
  3. File for a much hyped IPO.

There you go, in three easy steps, you too can ascend the heights of tech aristocracy and spout fountains of sage advice at tech conferences worldwide.   I am looking forward to sharing more of our ground breaking research and illuminating insights in future posts on PandoDaily and TechCrunch.


"Let’s solve this problem by using the Big Data none of us have the slightest idea what to do with." by Tom Fishburne

Some Sunday evening humor from Team Enhatch.  Funny thing though, you could probably say the same about CRM.  Many companies implemented CRM to solve the problem of fostering stronger customer relationships, yet somehow it missed the mark because it was too hard to implement or the people supposed to use it simply never used it.  They never thought about the missing link; engagement.

Big Data, CRM, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Omni-channel Marketing…I could on with an endless list of tech buzzwords tossed around over the past twenty years.  You can implement any technology you wish, but ultimately you got to ask yourself what exactly are you solving?

A Day in the Life of a Startup vs Corporate

LOL…h/t to my friend Keith for the find, though I will take pushing a rock up a hill any day over the running through the corporate spinning wheel.

Happy Friday and a Most Happy Pi(e) Day!

h/t to Cecilia for posting this over Twitter

The ability of people like Mr. Lefevre to create anonymous Twitter accounts underscores concerns about the veracity of what is published and the identity of authors. It also raises questions about whether publishers are blurring the line between real life and the made-up kind.

@GSElevator Tattletale Exposed (He Was Not in the Goldman Elevator) via The New York Times

LOL, that crackerjack crew of investigative journalists at the Times have uncovered the “outrageous fraud” that is GSElevator and saved us all from this wicked deception.  Please.

Apparently the Times has no understanding of the concept of fiction and entertainment, which ironically is what much of their reporting has become when it comes to technology…

Should I check e-mail?  The answer is probably no…

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